Hello and a painting giveaway!


I’m extremely happy to have this site up with a lot of new work available and new commission options! As a huge thank you, and to help show off my handy work of course, I’m doing a painting giveaway!

5 by 7 oil on panel

5 by 7 oil on panel

All you have to do is comment on this post for a chance to win. If you want to improve your odds, and help me share my paintings, you can share this post on facebook and instagram. Make sure you tag me so that I see it and give you an extra ticket.

I’m going to be doing this giveaway the old fashion name out of the hat style in two weeks, Sunday the 15th is the drawing day. I’m planning on making a video of it too. If enough folks are interested I will do a free print giveaway too!

Thank you for looking and being here.


23 observations on “Hello and a painting giveaway!
  1. Rachel Evancavich

    Dear Tina,
    The style of your work takes me to a time when everyday life was filled with romance, passion and the dream of the independent person could be achieved with less red tape and bureaucracy. A time when people still cared about the quality of goods and everything was made to last. What a refreshing nod to everything Victorian and steampunk. The care you take to put love into every brush stroke is evident. Keep on doing that thing you do so well.

  2. bo maietta

    Your work is not only inspirational but also medicinal to me. They are the extensions of their beautiful creator. Thank you for this opportunity-

  3. Kathryn Priestash

    Have always appreciated your work when I come across it. This is wonderful thing you are doing. Will be sharing on FB.

    1. Tina Imel

      I’m happy enough with the turn out so to speak. I’m not everyone’s bag and I know that. I’ve also been a bit under the rader. While I would love to reach more people, it’s nice that the first time was with familiars. Thank you so much for promoting this Rachel!


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