Artist Statement:

I’ve been painting intimate portraits of family, friends and myself for the last decade. My paintings are done using a classical approach employed by the Dutch Masters. My subjects inform my work and my aesthetic is driven by the the 19th century era home I grew up in and continue to inhabit with my beloved animals and family. I view art as a beautiful exercise in connecting with others. By providing a window into my life I’m hoping to make others feel the similarities of the human experience. My favorite subjects are often quiet domestic scenes with sewing being a favorite act to portray. My Grandmother and Great Aunt were seamstresses and growing up I learned to love watching someone sewing. The concept of a window to look through sometimes leads me to showcase internal organs and the mechanics of a person, often myself. My work has been exhibited across the US and Europe. I’ve been very fortunate to have begun my career in the age of the internet and am ever grateful for the wonderful people I’ve connected with through my work.